The Brief

A website aimed at helping women with a hub of information on running a business and a focus of encouraging women to be entrepreneurial.

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Target audience: Entrepreneurial women;

Measurable: Usability and understandability.


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Experience Mapping

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The Outcome

  • Emphasis on designing a good user experience via a good navigation, IA, visual design and meeting the needs of the target user group; worked in a team with a Graphic designer and Visual designer
  • Reduced what would have been a main menu, information consisting of 11 main tab items with sub-menus, reducing it to 8 main tab items with fewer sub-menus, improving the Information Architecture (IA) making it easier to find the main subjects
  • The client wanted a carousel menu, ensured this met with usability standards as well as ensuring it was engaging, although I wanted to include a further feature (mentioned in the ‘Outline’ below)


The Challenge

  • To accommodate quickly in the website design, the focus of encouraging women to be entrepreneurial
  • The emphasis on assisting women starting up a business as well as those already running a business


Outline of my work

I designed a new Information Architecture (IA) to:

  • Highlight the app vision/ethos of being aimed at career minded women in addition to highlighting the company products
  • The client wanted a carousel menu – I ensured this met with usability standards in addition to being engaging by: adding an arrow at both ends of the photo/carousel to restrict the carousel movement and to ensure users were aware of the movement direction; transluscent arrows that change to a darker shade when the user hover overs them (gives the user feedback) and ensured there was no automatic carousel rotation
  • Did want to include small circles below the carousel images that correspond with the image being viewed to indicate the number of images within the carousel


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Carousels have usability problems – if you decide to use carousels -> sketches of ways to improve carousel usability

Website design included:

  • A design following relevant ISO guidelines and UX best practice, including Nielsen’s usability heuristics
  • Research involved creating personas/scenarios and verifying/validating results by talking to the target group to ascertain their goals and tasks for the website, the target group being career minded women. Making sure the navigation was usable, easy to understand, accessible and organised in an understandable way
  • Observation and task analysis to see how people can use the website design, real behaviour
  • Page ‘mockups’ for the functional specifications