“It’s always good to work with people who are amenable, hard-working, and who have a passion for what they do. Indu is all of these.” – Jane Sheppard, Graphic Designer

“Indu has been a conscientious organiser for SWUX. Her input has helped create a nurturing and safe environment.” Steve Murphy, Principal Designer, MixRadio

“Why do we (MixRadio) want to host SWUX (South West UX)…?   SWUX is a great meeting of minds, a really good group interested in sharing and learning more about the why’s and the how’s of user experience design. Hosting SWUX was a no brainer for us because we have a lot of good space for it and we really enjoy attending too. We love the energy and the people more than anything, the talks are always fun and interesting. The conversation and the buzz is also a big reason why we love to host the SWUX. So, lot’s of good reasons really.” Steve Murphy, Principal Designer, MixRadio



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